What Are The Best Investment Methods

Investment Instruments Investment is based on a set of its own instruments and constitutes financial or real assets belonging to investors. These instruments are investment media classified into two parts: Financial investment instruments, including the following: They are diversified in their commercial, service, agricultural and industrial activities and strive to produce services and goods that constitute the needs of individuals. Real estate: Investments based on two methods: Direct investment: is the investor's purchase of a real estates, such as land and buildings. Indirect Investment: An investor's purchase of a real estate bond through participation in an investment portfolio or real estate bank. Commodities: Products that have investment characteristics, and have their own markets similar to the stock markets, such as gold and coffee.

Financial instruments, which include the following: Shares: Financial documents that are delivered to individuals who own shares of the capital of a particular company, and these shares are divided into two types: Ordinary shares: They are property documents that have market values, book, and nominal value; The carrying value is the value of the share's equity and does not include the preferred shares, but the profits and reserves. The market value is the selling price of the stock in the capital market. Preferred shares are shares that give their owners their own rights, such as priority in making profits and increasing the value of profit as a result of the liquidation of the company.

Bonds: Documents proving that the owners have certain rights in the ownership of objects or the use of specific services. Governments to obtain resources to help them cope with inflation or cover the economic deficit. Bonds issued by institutions are contracts between establishments (borrowers) and investors (lenders). According to this agreement, the second party lends money to the first party who undertakes to return it with the value of its interest on a specified date.

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